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Landscape Lighting Design

Led. Co Landscape Lighting Inc. will provide designing services to enhance your home or space with high-quality outdoor lights! We can design any space whether that be pools, entrances, offices, or homes!


Landscape Lighting


Led. Co Landscape Lighting Inc. completes a full installation of the outdoor lights. Each light will be professionally installed by our team to provide you with the best quality.


Landscape Lighting


Led. Co Landscape Lighting Inc. will take care of all maintenance of your outdoor lights. Not only will we install, but we will continue to maintain the lights to keep your house or space flawless! 


Greg and Aileene Lanier are co-owners of Led. Co Landscape Lighting Inc. Greg is a native of Auburn and owner of Auburn Electrical Construction Company Inc. since 1992. 


Both Greg and Aileene play a key role in Led. Co Landscape Lighting Inc. They are committed to serving the Auburn community through landscape lighting! 


Sage Ledbetter is the co-owner of Led. Co Landscape Lighting Inc. Sage graduated from Auburn University with his Bachelors' Degree in Agricultural Business. Sage played on the Auburn University Football team as a kicker and a holder. He played a crucial role in assisting the Special Teams in completing a SEC record for the "Most Consecutive Extra Points" in 2019. He currently holds the record for the longest field goal in the state of Alabama! 


Sage is motivated to create inviting spaces through the use of landscape lighting for your homes, businesses, or unique areas. He works to provide the best quality of lights, while also offering the best price to his customers. Growing up in the Auburn community has given Sage the desire to pour back into the community he loves!  




Extremely happy! Exceptional service in all phases of the process. Could not recommend more.

Drew Chapman

Best lighting and electronics company in the area!

Ben Cornett

Professional crew and high quality work!

Brett Herndon 

I’ve very happy with the lighting they installed. Probably going to use them for my lake house soon. Thanks for the professionalism!!!

Frank Tomlinson


Fantastic work and service. Totally transformed our outdoor lightning.

Jeff Lloyd


Amazing what a difference a great lighting scheme can make!

Andrew Brown


Our house lighting looks awesome! Sage and his crew did a fantastic job!

Melissa Northcutt

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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 334-740-2332 or fill out the form below:

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Are you interested in working for Led. Co Landscape Lighting Inc.? To apply for a job with Led. Co Landscape Lighting Inc, please send a cover letter together with your Resume to: ledcosage@gmail.com

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